Tuesday, January 31, 2006

MAGHARI: the reunion

and finally it was done.

after weeks of sleepless nights and hard working days, the reunion was finally over...and what a success it was!

the food was just enough, the drinks was over flowing, the dance floor was rocking, the program was entertaining and most importantly, the people was happy. who wouldnt be? we were like a family torn apart by circumstance, and for that one night, we were back together, as strong and as united as ever.

wilshire plaza was the perfect place, not so big yet not so small. there is a place there near the comfort rooms that when you look outside the railings (far left then down) you'll see a perfect view of the camp crame parade grounds, the home of Maghari.

i was ecstatic all through out the night, finally, i saw them all. the people that i love, the people i place utmost dignity and respect, maghari.

manuel told me that when we were in highschool we had batch mates that we never actually talked to, but now, when we see them, they actually make our day complete, it is just enough to know that they are there. how right this statement is.

i woul like to thank everybody who made this event a success: micz, eleu,
del, everlo, babs, bebang, marla, awi, di, den, jan, pao, manuel, icey, vincent, sha, alda, badas, als and everybody else (if i forgot to mention you) you are totally appreciated. im looking forward to working with you again next year.

to everybody, next year ulit.


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