Tuesday, February 14, 2006

the future of AB

before anything else, let me just say that im writing this sort of serious, hopefully intelligible entry because i was inspired by my blockmate's blog entries. i realized while i was reading his blogs that i have not (ever) written an entry that is actually substantial in nature. majority, if not all of my entries are actually non-sense, focusing on love failures and boring days. so, here i am, typing, trying to compose an entry that will embody the collegiate (pol sci) attitude and persona within me.

in a few more days, the CSC and ABSC elections will transpire. students of different backgrounds, ideology and walks of life will determine the future of the thomasian studentry by simply writing a set of names on a piece of paper. it is sad to note that majority of these students will vote unwisely, and its a given and accepted fact. like in any election, personality politics is the game the candidates play.

i would like to focus more on the ABSC elections specifically because i cannot impose upon my judgment on the CSC due to the reason that i barely know how they run their system. so, in this case, i will start on one of the cell student councils, the ABSC.

being a student leader myself during my highschool days, i can honestly say that there is something wrong with the ABSC, particularly on how they lead and represent the student body. there is a lack of efficiency in performing their respective jobs. the students apathy is becoming more and more rampant, and there is no program to fight it. in my opinion, and i mean no disrespect to anybody in position, the officers are just there so we can say the we have a student council, and so that they can have something to flourish their resumes.

it is disappointing to see that the ABSC is deteriorating, considering its history. being the first student organization after the declaration of martial law, and having been producing great leaders of the country. nowadays, just a simple project cannot be executed smoothly by the council. moreover, the students does not even know who their officers are.

suggestions, comments, grievances, frustrations towards the SC has no proper channel of expression, and this leads to dissatisfied students. knowing that the SC, the people who we all assumed to be embodying our ideals and voicing our cries, are just nodding their heads to the administrations, and this leaves the students with no choice but to get infuriated with them.

the question is this, will the next set of officers pioneer change? or will they just sit on their butts the whole year around wasting the votes of the students who placed them in position?

the future of the faculty of arts and letters is not so far ahead, whether the officers that will be elected are from GAP, DEKADA, SDP or INDEPENDENT does not matter. it is high time that the leaders of AB actually LEAD, lead to SERVE. if not now, when? let us not wait until the time when students no longer has ineterest and care for our dear faculty. the time is now, as we look forward to a better future of the faculty of arts and letters.


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