Thursday, March 23, 2006

one year down, three more to go!

freshman year is finally O-V-E-R...OVER!

hahaha. i never thought i would last for so long.

to sum it all was great. its much more fun than what i have imagined it would be. having a half day morning class, i had all the time in the world. but that is just part of the reason why i found freshman year great.

the most significant reason is that i belong to 1POL1. for those who knows our class, knows how great we are, be it at academics or sports or anything, 1POL1 is the best. (proud!)

next is that i found a sense of what "freedom" really is.

iam intellectually stimulated.

i still managed to keep in touch with most of MAGHARI.

grades are more than ok.

i will pass math.

i was a student of the greatest teachers in the philippines (prof.dr. co, atty bong lopez, ferdie lopez. prof. dr. vasco and the others. just try to check their credentials.)

found really good new friends.

STILL single. but not alone.

well, that's basically the most important reasons, but there are a lot more.

looking forward to sophomore year.

polsci toh!

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