Monday, June 26, 2006

so far...

since school started i havnt really updated my blog. i assumed before i even started this blogging thing that ill fall short on updating it.

anyway, these are the things that has been happening to me since god knows when:

1. got transferred to POL2

2. learned how to commute all the way home

3. joined five orgs (yes, five...) namely: Circulo Hispano Tomasino, Unicef, Unesco, Alpha Phi Omega and Batas tomasino

4. went to karla's debut

5. found out the source of my pseudo-depression last summer

6. realized i want to be a diplomat more than i want to be a lawyer

7. gave good answers to almost all of my recitations (hayup!)

8. missed two sundays of church

9. ate chicharon for 3 consecutive days

10. set up 2POL2's yahoo group

11. got pissed of with one of my friends. saya ba?

12. lost sleep

13. i dont watch tv that much anymore because of my damn schedule

14. found out "close proximity"s real name (but not yet sure...)

15. didnt drink beer for the first time in a party

16. ma'am peppin married?

17. science sucks.

18. typing my latest blog entry.

so, if you've noticed, nothing is pretty much happening in my life. so, i guess that justifies why im not updating my blog right?


maybe we'll meet at a bar, he'll drive a funky car
maybe we'll meet at a club, and fall so deeply inlove
he'll tell me im the one, and we'll have so much fun
i'll be the girl of his dreams...maybe...

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