Tuesday, November 21, 2006

this time...it has to work out

after six months of not speaking to each other, we finally reconciliated. may i say that those six months has not been easy for me, and probably for her to. the thing is, we usually confided with each other, but this past months we've learned just how to travel through life independently. (well, not really for me because bebang was there. luv u dear.)

im also not saying that its an easy way to bringing back what we had then. i actually had some reservation with regards to this matter because i dont want to make myself vulnerable to the pain again. but i have to try right? we have to try.

there is one condition though. this time around, our relationship should work out. no more of those petty misunderstanding, or being left behind, or not speaking with each other for so long. it should work out. i has to.

i guess i will be updating this more regularly now, since computer class happens twice a week and if i finish an activity ahead of time i can do whatever i want, that is if i get to finish any activity. hehe.

mino showed a picture of a girl's areola that is infested with larva. ew. shit. i still shiver with disgust whenever i remember it. ew. so girls, wash your undies thoroughly, disenfect if you have to. ew.

till next time.

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