Sunday, December 03, 2006

i cant think of title

so let us recap what has happened to me these past few days:

1. attended a symposium with Rep. Chis Escudero as the speaker. had a photo taken with him as well. (heart beating fast..idol!)

2. got called for recitation in pol theory. gave an unsatisfying answer

3. mom got mad at me. so?

4. attended my cousin's wedding.

5. heard about max's death, freakin' made me sad.

okay, basically that's it. not much. other things that has transpired that i decided not to post here may be things that i wouldnt want to remember or probably things that are not worth writing about.

anyway, i'll probably write some melodramatic entry soon. or a something that's politically inclined. whatever. but definitely i'll be posting one soon, the first chance i get.

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