Saturday, December 16, 2006


i intended to post this as a reply in our yahoo groups, but i changed my mind because i wasnt sure if it was proper and there is a risk that instead of it making things right, it might just make them worse. so since this blog has a smaller number of audience, i decided to just post it here. this is the uncut version.

nothing personal.
thats how it should be.

i dont know if commenting/reacting to the recent threads here is proper especially in my case. but then again, i would really just want to contain this before it gets blown out of proportions. remember that all the words that you will be reading hereunder is coming not from a policy board member, not a TPSF member and most importantly, not a winner. all the words following this is coming from your batchmate, just your batchmate.

the election is over. a thing of the past, so lets leave it there. kristine asked us to answer this sort of survey for their project in theology, and the last question there is something like if i can do something to advocate peace and what was it, i couldnt elaborate more on my answer. i wrote there, by shutting up. dont get me wrong, im all for the whole freedom of speech, iam a polsci student and all those other things but sometimes we tend to sensationalize things without noticing it. we just later realize that we have created enemies among each other.

during the campaign period and after the elections, i think we (me,ojay,jet,mario,kim and bagie) have been successful in showing all of you that though we are opponents we are not enemies.i would like to believe that we were able to show you much civility and maturity as well. i just hope that you take that in consideration before reacting.

if were all just concerned with the betterment of the forum, let us not be stucked in the past and move on. support your new line of officers, remember that they only want to serve you. words mean nothing if it is not acompanied by actions, in this case results. so, why dont you just give them a chance first, let them perform, if they dont, then criticize them all you want.

democracy only promises that majority wins, it never promised that EVERYbody will be happy. but since we are all the the consensus of whoever gets the most vote wins, then we just have to accept that. its a fact of life that one can never get everything he/she wants.

its not over, until you get over it. so get over it.

trabaho lang. walang personalan.

wala akong pinapatamaan. kaya wag masyadong sensitive.

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