Friday, December 08, 2006

campaign period

december 4: supposedly the first day of the two-day campaign period. unfortunately, it was postponed because of some ridiculous interruptions (actually just interruption, because it was just one reason. and the whole world just had to stop for that reason). kind of got pissed off because i really felt that it was a waste of time that we had to postpone the campaign. and got a little bit more pissed when we were told that we had to campaign in all the sections on the next day.

december 5: had to start early to cover all grounds, in this case, all sections of pol sci. first section, 1POL2. did terrible. maybe because it was the first class, maybe because we weren't really warmed up yet, i don't know. next was 1POL1, did a little bit better. a little bit more organized, actually we had some time to practice (choreograph) what we're supposed to do inside the class. then my batch. it was time for bagie and i to speak. 2POL2 first, my class. i spoke so fast, i was in and out of there in less than one minute i think. then 2POL1. i knew i had to do much better, to elaborate more on my platform. after my speech, comparing my two performances, i know that i did much better in 2POL1. then third year. for both sections, i think i can only give one general characteristic, uncomfortable. maybe i knew already that it wasnt really our bulwark. anyway, that's really just part of the reality of life. some will accept you, some wont. fourth year. this was actually a much better crowd because i know for a fact that they are supporters of us.

december 6: anxiety attack.

december 7: meeting de avance. got to school around 10. had a last minute training with the "bossings". ate with them and headed for the venue. when we got there, said a short prayer and made a trip to the girl's room.then it began. round one. privilege speech. toss coin and we lost, so we had to go first. when i started my speech i knew i wasnt going to do well, damn. my speech was going around and around and around that i couldnt get my message across. i knew i had to do so much better than that. round two. debate. i was not really asked, but whenever i saw a chance to answer i took it, and from what my blockmates had said, i did well. round three. q&a. jean asked me, i answered. then it got dirty. people started to ask controversial questions and it started to get personal. towards the end, the third years were fighting with the seniors and we candidates were up on stage being forgotten. great. after the meeting de avance we met up with the "bossings" once again t evaluate our performance. as expected, they didnt actually like it. well, i kind of expected it because these people are really very critical in things like this. all i know is that the party gave its best and at the end of the day that's what matters most.

on monday, votes will be casted. that day will determine the future of the forum. hopefully the present will not be the same case in the future (gets?). there are too many things to do, too many problems to solve, too many goals to achieve. hopefully members of the forum will vote for the benefit of the forum. hopefully, when they vote, they look beyond shallow reasons and vote for who they think can really turn the forum into what it was envisioned to be.

to my party-mates, a job well done for us. i knew the hardships that we had to go through. above anything else, i know that deep inside our hearts, we only want to serve the forum, that it made us take a chance in running.

to the other party, it was a good fight, though not yet over, as early as today, i can say that it has been and will be so. win or lose, i hope we keep that flame that inspired us to run and to serve the forum.

to my support system, though i wasnt able to see you all through these hard days, knowing that you still believe in me made me strong enough to face the challenges thrown on me and the adversity of this journey. once again, for the millionth time, thank you and i love you.

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