Thursday, March 15, 2007

im back

ok, so, since my last post i have been overly busy. obvoius isnt it? i coulndt even post a one sentence blog.

anyway, this is what has been happening since..well, the last post:
1. helped organized the Forum's senatorial debate (go LACSON!)
2. beb's birthday! woohoo!
3. im now UNESCO Club-UST's president
4. Pol theory's oral final exams
5. beauty and the beast play
6. dad and jaja went to the US
7. preparing to go to Japan to work

ok, it doesnt seem as much, but the preparation for all of these, god damn! hehe.

on a more serious note. i have a batchmate who just passed away. Bom lan Kim, yeah we're not that close, but as my classmate in my senior year, i had moments in my life that was spent with her.
the world has lost another great person.
Rest in peace KIM!

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